Andrew Mark Schaffer

Look Up Tour Dates For The 2017 "Proving Them Wrong" Tour

Andrew Mark Schaffer is an award nominated singer songwriter, guitarist, and actor. As well as an open mic host, guitar teacher & CEO of Serenity Harmonics Entertainment. His debut single "Serenity Now..." is available on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, & more! See him on The 2017 "Proving Them Wrong" Tour! Expect new studio recordings this year!

08.03.2016 - Grand Central Taproom (Fleetwood, PA)

2016 "Ignite The Past" Tour | Open Mic Nite Host | Debut Open Mic Hosting
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Set 1
01. You Might Die Trying (by Dave Matthews Band)
02. Lumière Du Soleil (Improv Lyrics) >  
      My Sunshine

Set 2
"The Lady Is A Tramp" by Rodgers & Hart from "Babes In Arms" (Karaoke Tease)
03. Rooftop (by Dave Matthews Band) (Tour Debut)
"Up On The House Top" by Benjamin Hanby (Tease)
04. All Along the Watchtower (by Bob Dylan) (Medley)

Set 3
05. Chasing Cars (by Snow Patrol)
06. Končíme (Debut, Improv Lyrics) >
      No Tomorrow
07. The Right Time (Tour Debut, Improv Lyrics)